Dress Code


Malahide Golf Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward-thinking dress
policy appropriate to a modern-day golf club. It is in all our interests to maintain
appropriate standards of casual but smart dress in keeping with the golfing
traditions and values of the Club. Members and visitors at Malahide Golf Club
should therefore be made aware that the following are required standards that
must be always adhered to both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

Neat, conventional golf attire is acceptable.
The following items of attire are NOT ACCEPTABLE:
• Jeans, Track suits, cargo, combat trousers.
• Football or rugby style shirts, t-shirts, vests or sun tops.
• Non-tailored shorts, football or beach shorts.
• Sandals, trainers, or metal spike golf shoes.
• Golf hats worn incorrectly.
• Mobile phones should be turned to “silent” and should only be used in
cases of medical emergency.

Normal smart casual wear is expected in the Bar, Restaurant and Clubhouse
area at all times.
The following items of attire are NOT ACCEPTABLE:
• Tracksuits, Jeans - tie dyed, cut or torn and ragged end. Clean and
presentable denim trousers are permitted.
• Football or rugby style shirts.
• Non-tailored, football or beach shorts.
• Any type of footwear worn on the course is not acceptable in the
clubhouse, this is a serious safety issue and creates unwanted dirt.
• Hats are not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse. (Exceptional
circumstances arise at times in relation to headgear which are
understandable and acceptable).

Adherence to this dress code is primarily the responsibility of individual
members, their guests, and visitors and we hope that these regulations will be
Management may, from time to time, decide to issue a waiver to cover one
off events. This will be communicated to all members in advance of such an
event. We hope that these regulations will be self-regulated and would prefer
not to put our staff in an awkward position in relation to the dress code